Review: Space is the Place

Stephen Fruitman, igloo magazine: “Æthereal was inspired by the real-life story of the Judica-Cordiglia brothers, Italian radio amateurs who claimed to have recorded secret Soviet space program transmissions at the height of the Cold War, including the messages of doomed cosmonauts. The sound of Space Program is the polar opposite of the reassuring Contemporary Vision, lopsided and distressed, still experimenting, at times pushing the technology too far and failing. It is the space of paranoia, weird science and the Astounding Stories’ fifties and sixties, whose charm Hougaard explicitly prizes. Although it opens triumphantly, “Liftoff” becomes increasingly harrowing over its fifteen minutes. A dark, searching approach is taken on the track named after Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, an odd, hermetic philosopher considered a pioneer of space travel theory. However, the closing track “Pacific” conveys the weightless wonder and panoramic view that is the fascination of space travel in the first place.” 


Review: Hypnagogue

Hypnagogue Music Reviews

spaceprog_aethCR Hougaard tries to show us “the charm in the weird and scary” on his new release, Aethereal, using synthesizer, guitars, and effects pedals “altered by an old tape recorder.”  He manages to get the weird and scary part down, but finding charm in this mix of noise will be a matter of individual taste. If you’re not amenable to noise, you may be put off by the clatter and screech of the 15-minute opener, “Eine: Reise ans Ende des Verstandes.” To his credit, Hougaard creates a distinct atmosphere, loaded to the brim with grim uncertainty and a touch of claustrophobia. But it’s a long ride to take and a lot of sonic debris to get through–again, if you’re not among those who appreciate the heavily experimental stuff. I find myself skimming through the first several tracks until I come to the other long piece here, “Liftoff.” It’s quieter…

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